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Lake-Erie-fishing Walleye Guides - Captains 

Lake Erie Fishing Guides -Versus- Charter Captains- There is a difference.

A Charter Captain: has to pass a written exam by the U.S. Coast Guard. The exam cover all areas of operating a boat to include: Navigation, Handling, Rules of the road, Weather and general seamen ship. To take the exam the coast guard requires proof of experience operating a boat.

Nothing about fishing is on the test.

Captain Jim Crammer, Captain Dave Whitt, Captain Coe Allen Whitt, Captain Cheesy - Dave, Captain Jeff Bauer, Captain Thumper

Lake Erie Guides are experienced- Fisherman. They know how to catch the species that are available. Capt. Dave and Capt. Jeff and Capt Rizo knows their habits, locations, and what turns them on. They know the how the when and the where. They are also teachers. They will teach you their techniques to catch fish. We understand how weather affects the targeted fish. We are experienced in using all the tools of the trade to catch fish. Techniques such as jigging, cast and drift, anchoring, and trolling may be employed. A note about trolling: On days when there is no wind to move the boat, trolling can be and is a very effective way to catch fish. We prefer the cast and drift technique, but when the weather doesn't cooperate, trolling is the difference between taking fish home or not. A good many charter captains are either too lazy, don't want to learn, or won't spend the fuel money necessary to troll. They will tell you trolling is not fishing! Let me tell you this; on calm days they either come in with a pitiful catch or get skunked. We believe it is necessary to have all the capabilities to get my customers their fish. With boats like the "Coe Vanna II or III, IV, Cindy II" equipped for every situation.
Most good Guides were fishing long before they obtained their Charter License.

  • United States -Coast Guard Licensed Captains
  • State of Ohio -Licensed Guide
  • Member of the Charter Boat Association
  • Charter member of National Association of Charter Boat Operators
  • Member of Maritime Consortium
  • Professional Full-Time Guide Service
  • Over 30 plus years leader Guides and Captains