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Location, Location. This is one of the most important parts of your trip. NO long rides to the fish!


Wild Wings Marina

6395 N Russell Rd

Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449
The quickest access to the fish. Bar None!

On -site, commercial fish cleaning, or tables to fillet your own.

The Marina sells Bait, tackle and fishing licenses. Restaurant and Lounge.

March (after Ice out) through June

Wild Wings Marina is Located next to Davis -Besse Power Plant, on State Route 2.
Nine miles west of Port Clinton.

Directions to go fishing with Coe Vanna Charters on Lake Erie
Island Hopper Fishing 10 man crews!
 Island Hopper Fishing 6 man crews!

30 YEARS Experience Charter Fishing on Lake Erie.
Catching walleye, perch and smallmouth bass for our customers! A Definite Edge 



Wild Wings Marina
Wild Wings Marina 6395 N Russell Rd. Oak Harbor, OH 43449.

Go to and type in Wild Wings address. 

Wild Wings Marina is located 7 miles west of Port Clinton, OH.  One mile west of Davis Bessie nuclear Power plant on the north side of Rt. 2. You will see Green Cove Condos and a Marathon gas station - store. The marathon store is part of the marina. Pull in there.

Go behind the Marathon station pointing toward the lake. From the restaurant parking lot. Looking toward the lake YOU WILL SEE THE FISH CLEANING BUILDING - LOOK then to the right of the fish cleaning tables there is a garbage dumpster.  Stay in the gravels and drive right by the garbage dumpster following the channel toward the lake. Drive ALL THE WAY BACK. DO NOT CROSS A BLACKTOP ROAD  AGAIN Stay on the gravels on the right -hand side of the long row of docks right behind the Marathon Gas station -store. Drive all the way back. We are docked across from the fuel docks where the boats fuel up.

We are docked in the P Dock section

Click on thumb- nail map of Wild Wings Marina below and print out 

Coe Vanna Charters Lodging Directions
Lodging is located at Wild Wings Marina Camp -grounds on the first gravel road going west( left turn )beside or right across from the Marathon. 
Coe Vanna's lodging.  Lots are 244, 248, and 510. 
All lodges are numbered
Watch for the full -size mobile homes that are in a row running parallel with Rt. 2. West of the Marathon store.


  Coe Vanna Charter boats will be docked at Catawba Landing Marina starting sometime in August for the rest of the year. Call and make sure of our docking location in late July and early August. Copy this page as Catawba landing is easy to miss. A Garmin or GPS in your car will get you close but it takes you to the wrong road so




 2021 NE Catawba Rd, Port Clinton, OH 43452
Our boats will be docked at Catawba Landing starting sometime in September through October. If you are fishing in August call and make sure of our docking location. Take 53 North exit 124 from Rt. 2 Catawba Island exit in Port Clinton.At the second traffic light 163 and 53 you will se Rickard's bait on your right and McDonalds on your left and Speedway on your right continue straight ahead on 53 north for 2 miles. You will see Herbs Drive thru on your right then a small shopping plaza on your right with a Shell Gas station, restaurant and grocery store. Slow down just a stone's throw past the mini shopping plaza { less than 1 block } you will see a Neon Sign Purple that stands out Marine Max the next road you will see a small white sign on your right it sits off the road a bit  {watch carefully} it saysCatawba Landing White sign lit up but blends in The address 2021 is on POLE. You will go through a small trailer park and come out by the boat hoist. Take your first turn to the left follow it around about 3 blocks toward the gas docks you will see our boats just before the gas docks. There is no Coe Vanna sign at this marina. Look for CV IV she has an orange raft on the roof. Our boats are docked in a row.
The address for Catawba Landing is:
 2021 NE Catawba Rd, Port Clinton, OH 43452

 Everyone staying at our lodging or fishing with us


It will get you to our docks and lodging at Wild Wings Marina ! 


From our Lodging at Wild Wings Marina to  Docks At Catawba Landing

To get from our lodging at Wild Wings Marina to Catawba Landing take Rt 2 east to 53 North Catawba Island exit  Do not take the 53 south exit to Fremont. Take 53 NORTH CATAWBA ISLAND which will be 2 exits east on RT. 2 past 53 south exit. Then follow the above directions to Catawba Landing Docks. From our lodging at Wild Wings Marina to Catawba Landing's docks takes about  20 minutes. 
We appreciate you lodging with us.



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